Waste Enterprisers Holding LLC (USA) / Pivot Works Ltd (Rwanda) Announces Dissolution of Company

Innovative waste-to-energy startup made significant contributions to urban sanitation in emerging markets

WASHINGTON, D.C. --(December 16, 2017)-- The members of Waste Enterprisers Holding LLC have approved the dissolution of the company and its subsidiary, Pivot Works Ltd of Rwanda, effective December 15, 2017.

Engaged in converting fecal sludge to industrial solid fuel, the company built and operated a treatment plant in Kigali, Rwanda, in 2015, successfully processing human waste into a salable fuel purchased by local industries. Due to the nature of the international sanitation infrastructure market – long, irregular sales cycles subject to municipality and donor financing priorities – the company found further plant sales and growth opportunities incompatible with the startup’s resource constraints.

“I am proud of everything Pivot did to move the needle on fecal sludge treatment technologies and economics,” Founder and CEO Ashley Muspratt said. “I set out to reinvent the economics of treatment and we developed a process that reduced capital costs by 50% and running costs by 80% compared with mainstream alternatives.”

The company made significant contributions to the state of the art and knowledge of fecal sludge management. In particular, the company:

  • demonstrated the dramatic lifecycle cost savings available by treating solids portions before liquids
  • documented dewatering efficacy and fecal sludge behavior across different technologies and conditioning steps;
  • achieved high performance from fecal sludge-derived solid fuel compared to other biomass fuels in a range of industrial kilns and boilers.

In Rwanda, the company:

  • processed over 36,000 m3 fecal sludge from the city of Kigali;
  • produced over 200 tons of hygienic, energy-dense renewable fuel;
  • removed and safely conveyed waste from over 600 latrines in low-income communities;
  • provided nearly 50 local jobs and was 100% Rwandan operated.

Pivot’s leadership remains committed to sharing and applying their unique sanitation experience and expertise in their next professional endeavors. 

Our Solutions

 Urban Sanitation Evolved

Urban Sanitation Evolved

Pivot Works is a city-scale treatment solution that converts human waste into renewable fuel. By creating fuel from waste and selling to industrial customers like cement companies, Pivot Works shifts the cost burden of sanitation away from poor urban citizens.
 Fueling Cleaner Cities

Fueling Cleaner Cities

Pivot Fuel produces a cost-competitive, reliable, renewable fuel that is energy dense, hygienic and ideal for industrial kilns and boilers. Pivot Fuel increases renewable fuel access for industries while enabling cleaner environments and healthier citizens for the cities from which it comes.