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Tim Wade

Tim Wade is a social entrepreneur who believes that the mechanisms of business and capitalism can and should be used to address society’s toughest problems.

Tim is based in Seattle after 2+ years leading Waste Enterprisers’ operations in Ghana. He now oversees corporate finances, mentoring staff, managing funding relationships, and cultivating new partnerships. The BBC World Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Global Water Intelligence and several national publications in Ghana and Kenya have profiled his work as a social entrepreneur. Most recently, Tim was honored as a 2013 BMW Responsible Leader Award winner.

Tim holds an MBA from Colorado State’s Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise program. Earlier in his career, Tim managed funding relationships for social enterprise organizations including Unitus and the Grameen Foundation as well as serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria.
While not occupied with the poop business, Tim likes to run, hike, travel, sample rare scotch and read the Economist.