SNF conducts training at Pivot Works, Kigali

As part of SNF’s generous support for Pivot, Technician Thierry Busseuil spent three days at the Pivot Works factory last week.  His first priority was ensuring that we’re using the SNF polymer that’s best suited to the characteristics of our sludge – meaning, the polymer that gives us the best flocculation at the lowest dose.  Armed with a suitcase full of small vials, Thierry tested their suite of products on our influent sludge, ultimately concluding that a polymer with significantly different charge than the one we were using was the best performing. 

During his stay, Thierry also spent time reviewing our dosing and mixing practices, giving feedback on how we can get better performance out of the polymer as well as the dewatering machine.  Thierry was a great resource for our Site Crew and Operators, not only for answering all kinds of questions and helping improve their skills…but also for providing a new wardrobe!